Prosecution Offer No Evidence in s.18 GBH Conspiracy at Stafford Crown Court


Arlene Mansoor, Partner, was instructed to represent LJ who was a vulnerable defendant originally accused of conspiracy to murder.

It was alleged that a male was purportedly subject to violence as part of a multi-handed conspiracy involving more than 9 defendants in 2020. Police and the Crown having investigated, and charged, the incident as a conspiracy to murder – Shearman Bowen were instructed to represent LJ at trial. LJ denied the offence, as did their Co-Defendants, disputing the Crown’s account. The Crown’s allegation amounted to a conspiracy to locate, hunt, and lure the complainant to a site for a violent group attack and, thereafter, destroy evidence of such an attack having been mounted.

Robert Tolhurst of Counsel, Citadel Chambers, was instructed as trial advocate. With LJ requiring an intermediary to assist them in understanding proceedings, Arlene Mansoor and Robert Tolhurst deployed a tailored and conscious client-focused approach in this case. Arlene Mansoor has particular expertise in representing vulnerable defendants.

Shearman Bowen having prepared the case for trial, the Prosecution on the second day formally Offered No Evidence. LJ was acquitted as a result of the Crown’s withdrawal of the case.

This is a positive result for our client who, at all times, denied the offence. Their vulnerability having made an alien and isolated world of criminal trial ever more imposing.

For more information on instructing Shearman Bowen in cases of serious crime, including conspiracy and violence, or in cases involving vulnerable defendants, please contact Mark Bowen or Arlene Mansoor.