Arlene Mansoor // Partner

Arlene Mansoor // Partner

Arlene is a highly experienced litigator who has worked in criminal defence since 2008. She represents individuals accused of a wide variety of offences, ranging from low level offending to serious and complex criminal cases, such as violence, drugs, sexual offences, firearms, murder, fraud and financial crime.

Arlene advises individuals at interview, during investigations and post-charge, through to the very end of a case. She has been successful in achieving favourable outcomes for clients at trial, but also through pre-charge discontinuances or the withdrawal of charges after proceedings have been instigated.

Recognising that access to justice is a fundamental right, she accepts instructions in both legal aid and private cases. She vehemently advocates for fairness and equality for all her clients.

Arlene expertly navigates clients through what can be a difficult process with very serious consequences. Her empathetic approach is matched with an acute awareness of the emotional distress investigations and/or proceedings entail. She is dedicated to achieving the best outcome and works meticulously. She prides herself on her personable approach, which complements her professionalism.

Arlene has a particular passion and aptitude for working with vulnerable defendants, such as youths or individuals with mental health difficulties. She works alongside many experts in their respective fields to ensure accessibility to those who require additional assistance.

She is a member of the Female Fraud Forum, Women In Criminal Law (WICL), and the Fraud Lawyers Association.

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