Pre-charge representations successful on behalf of medical professional client


Shearman Bowen acted for a medical professional who had been charged with harassing a former partner contrary to the Protection of Harassment act 1997 . The firm was instructed after proceedings had commenced and we were tasked to consider if there was any basis to request the Crown Prosecution Service to reconsider their decision to […]

News Update: case discontinued against Solicitor Client at Nottingham Crown Court


The firm was privately instructed on behalf of a city solicitor who had been charged with assaulting an emergency worker. Following the receipt of written representations submitted by us, the Crown Prosecution Service decided to discontinue the proceedings against our client. The allegations against our client arose following a night out with family and friends which […]

Shearman Bowen instructed to act for client in SFO London capital and Finance Fraud enquiry


Shearman Bowen have been instructed to act for a client who is being investigated for Fraud in relation to the SFO’s ongoing criminal investigation into the activities of London Capital and Finance, a company who sold mini bonds to the individual investors. For further details on this case please see here and here. For further information on the […]

Account Freezing order withdrawn against our client


We were privately instructed to act for our client who was made subject to an account freezing order (AFO) under s.303Z Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 as well as being subject to the seizure of a number of high value watches he owned  under s.303J Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. These applications were made following a complex investigation […]

Confiscation case withdrawn against client at Woolwich Crown Court


The firm was privately instructed to act for a company director and restaurateur, who had been convicted of 9 offences of contravening s179 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, following his breach of an enforcement notice which had been issued following a building extension that was carried out to a property restaurant owned […]

Shearman Bowen Legal Insight – Challenging a HMRC decision to remove a Company’s VAT registration


This article considers the practice of Her Majesty’s revenue and Customs (“HMRC”) refusing to deduct a company’s Input Tax or to de-register the company’s VAT  number owing to a suspicion that the company in question is involved in fraud, or is a party to suspicious transactions. The result of such an enquiry inevitably causes financial […]

Successful defence for client charged with murder at Croydon crown court


Mark Bowen and Arlene Mansoor represented Daniel Hyde who had been caught up in an incident involving a number of people after his family home was attacked by two armed men shortly before Christmas last year. During the altercation one of the men who was involved in the attack sadly died as a result of injuries sustained during […]

Suspended prison sentence for client at Reading Crown court


Colette Kelly was privately instructed on behalf of our client who was sentenced last Friday to a suspended prison sentence for an offence of money laundering. Our client pleaded guilty to being in possession of criminal property, having been found in possession of £213,000 in cash, when he was stopped in his vehicle by investigators earlier […]