Our Services

Our practice areas are built around the criminal process and proceedings. So whether you’re facing an investigation, need assistance at charge or trial, or want to make sure the measures you have in place are watertight, we can advise you every single step of the way.


Internal investigations are now increasingly a fact of life for organisations big and small.

Misconduct allegations in the workplace need to be dealt with speedily and carefully, or they can have serious consequences.

We are trusted by general counsel, employment lawyers, HR departments and other professionals as a safe pair of hands in these situations. We are used to dealing with individuals in the firing line, whether they are the accused or the accuser. We have the skill set to deal with allegations of all kinds efficiently, fairly and with the utmost care and discretion.

We are used to putting together teams for an organisation to deal with all aspects of crisis and reputation management. We understand the difficult legal issues that arise in these situations, like legal professional privilege, the use of NDAs, whistleblower protection, reporting to regulators or criminal justice agencies and so on.

Above all, we never lose sight of the fact that somebody’s career and reputation depends on the outcome.


Many problems end up in court when they could and should have been spotted, and remedied, at an early stage.

If there is trouble on the horizon we can consider the evidence, make an informed assessment, and advise you on the best strategies to deal with the issue. Our aim wherever possible is to deal with these issues before they get out of hand.

The regulatory landscape is changing all the time and the pitfalls of non-compliance have never been more serious. The grey area where civil fraud, regulatory obligations and criminal investigations overlap is increasing. Individuals and businesses can be either victims of crime or on the wrong side of the law, without knowing they were even at risk.

In a situation like that, early recognition of potential issues is crucial.

If you are facing any kind of investigation – whether it’s criminal, regulatory, or both – you need to take expert advice and quickly.

We deal with specialist investigators like the SFO, the FCA, the CMA and HMRC, and we are used to dealing with police forces throughout the country and wider afield. We understand how investigators work, how they think and what they look for.

We also understand the bigger picture. We know that investigations in 2018 are often more complex than ever before. The law and practice are changing all the time, and issues like resourcing and politics are never far away from the mix.

Our focus is on the achieving the best possible outcome for you in what can seem like an impossible situation. We can advise you how long an investigation will take, assess the strengths and weaknesses of your situation, and tell you what steps we can take to ensure a positive outcome. We can advise whether the investigation can be stopped in its tracks, or whether it needs to run its course.

We can advise whether you should respond to the investigation and if so how. We’re also adept at assessing whether a proactive response is likely to assist or whether calm and patience will give a better chance of a positive outcome.

And finally we understand just how stressful the investigation process can sometimes be. Many years of experience and engagement have helped us devise the strategies to get you through it.

Having the right people on your side in court proceedings is crucial to the outcome. And experience and expertise are absolutely vital when navigating the court system.

Our track record includes successfully defending clients at all levels of the criminal justice system. Over the years, we have appeared for the defence in some of the most serious and complex matters to come before the criminal courts, including not only serious fraud but also serious allegations of crime.

We understand how prosecutors work, how they think and how they prepare and present cases. We know how to anticipate their moves, and how to present your case to its best possible advantage. We know which barristers and QCs are at the top of their game, but more importantly we also know which one is the best one to help you win your case.

We believe that any case can be won, however unpromising it may appear. Some cases can be dropped and some can be thrown out, but in reality many go the full distance.

Above all, we understand that the most important person in your case is you. Success in a criminal case is about many things – the evidence, the witnesses, the arguments and the law, but ultimately it is about you: the client. In 95% of cases your story needs to be heard, and you must be ready to tell it.