Prosecution Offer No Evidence in Money Laundering Case after Successful Representations at Cambridge Crown Court


Arlene Mansoor, Partner, assisted by Toby Manhire, has successfully defended our client accused of money laundering. Our client was accused of having received property that represented the proceeds of crime, in the form of designer goods and large sums of money, seized during two separate raids at their home address.

Our client denied the offences. They asserted any monies received derived from what they believed to be a legitimate source, and in any event had no knowledge of the extent of cash that belonged to their absent former partner, with whom they were jointly charged. Their partner subsequently pleaded Guilty to drug supply offences and money laundering.

Andrew Price, of Drystone Chambers, was instructed to represent our client and assisted in drafting representations to the Crown for the matter to be discontinued. After negotiations with the Prosecution, and service of our representations, the Crown agreed to Offer No Evidence, bringing matters to a favourable conclusion for our client, thereby avoiding protracted trial proceedings and the possibility of proceeds of crime proceedings.

Shearman Bowen have a vast wealth of experience in defending clients accused of money laundering, and have expertise in serious and complex crime. For more information on instructing Shearman Bowen in matters of financial crime, or serious crime, please contact Arlene Mansoor or Toby Manhire.