No further action taken against client in multi million pound stolen goods and money laundering investigation


Our client, a company director and respected watch dealer, was arrested as part a Metropolitan Police specialist investigation into the handling and sale of alleged stolen high value watches and money laundering.

The investigation lasted 18 months whilst multiple enquiries were carried out in Europe, the Middle East and Hong Kong. Our client, who during a series of police interviews denied the allegations against him,  has now been cleared by the decision to take no further action against him.

Following the discontinuance of the criminal investigation the Metropolitan Police then sought forfeiture of a number of high value watches which were seized from our client when his business premises were searched under warrant at the commencement of the operation. The proceedings were brought under s303O of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 where the Police have to prove to the civil standard that the assets that they are seeking to forfeit is recoverable property or is intended by any person for use in unlawful conduct. Following the exchange of statements and other evidence, it was accepted by the Police that they would not contest the return of the listed assets to our client providing a successful conclusion to the proceedings for him.

We are very pleased for our client who can now return to his normal business life after what was a very difficult period for him.

Senior partner  Mark Bowen  was instructed in this matter assisted by Simon KopikCatherine Collins of  33 Chancery Lane was instructed as counsel in the POCA proceedings.