No Case To Answer for company director client at Isleworth Crown Court


Arlene Mansoor, acted for an international businessman accused of sexual offences at Isleworth Crown Court. The case was stopped following a half-time submission of No Case To Answer by Ms Sasha Wass QC of 6KBW College Hill. AE was acquitted on all offences after HHJ Connell concluded there was insufficient evidence of identification for the jury to convict.

AE was accused of sexual assault against two women at the Notting Hill Carnival in 2019, which were vehemently denied by our client. He had been out with friends at the Carnival when he was arrested having been purportedly identified as an individual who had sexually assaulted two females whilst the Carnival was ongoing.

The positive result for him follows a hard-fought battle for AE’s bail more than a year ago. AE was initially refused permission to leave the country, despite his international business interests and good character. We managed to successfully resolve all issues on bail before turning our attention to defending the matter on his behalf at trial.  We adopted a proactive approach to his defence, which involved expert analysis of CCTV and the presentation of further evidence on his behalf at trial. As a result of the preparation we carried out, we were able to successfully submit that that there was insufficient evidence of identification and that, as a result, the case should be withdrawn from the jury.

We are very happy for our client who had faced the loss of his good character and business in the event he was convicted.

For more details of the work we undertake for clients accused of sexual offences, please contact Mark Bowen or Arlene Mansoor for more information.