Unanimous Acquittal for Former Gurkha in Death by Dangerous Driving Case at Maidstone Crown Court


Arlene Mansoor, Partner, secured a successful, and unanimous acquittal on behalf of our client at Maidstone Crown Court. Our 60 year old client, former serviceman of the Gurkha Rifles, was charged with Causing Death by Dangerous Driving and Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving, with an alternative count of Causing Death by Careless Driving. Our client was charged following a tragic road collision incident in Kent in 2019 which resulted in the death of his mother,  serious injury to himself, his wife, and another road user.

We were able to demonstrate that evidence adduced by the Crown Prosecution Service failed to demonstrate any mechanical or human fault as causing the collision. Through careful cross examination at trial of the Crown’s evidence, the judge was persuaded by our submission of No Case To Answer in relation to the dangerous driving charges, resulting in the defendant’s acquittal. The remaining charge (Causing Death by Careless Driving) was left to the jury, who unanimously acquitted the defendant after deliberating for only one hour. Alastair Smith , of 2 Bedford Row, was instructed as trial advocate.

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Although we are pleased that the our client was acquitted of all charges, and that the court and jury agreed with our view that the collision that took place was a tragic accident, this result cannot make up for the tragedy that occurred in this case which has had a catastrophic and continuing effect on all those involved.

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