Court Proceedings


Having the right team behind you if you are facing Court proceedings is critical to the outcome. Experience and expertise are vital when navigating the Court system, and ensuring the best results. We have decades of experience in all areas of Court proceedings, including:

First Appearances, Warrants & Summons     //     Trial Proceedings     //     Appeals     //     Enforcement of Orders

Magistrates’ Court     //     Crown Court     //     Court of Appeal     //     Coroner’s Court & Inquests

Ancillary Orders     //     Orders on Acquittal     //     Proceeds of Crime, Restraint Orders & Confiscation

We have a proven track record of successfully defending clients in the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court in a wide array of criminal matters. We have appeared in some of the most serious and complex white-collar, financial crime, and business crime cases. We have defended clients facing serious allegations or daunting confiscation orders. Our team have experience across the whole array of criminal law, from business crime and serious crime, to road traffic offences, general crime, and appeals.

Our practice has developed over many years experience in the Courts. We are adept at preparing trials, working with you to present your case in the most positive light. Working closely with experienced and renowned barristers, each tailored to the particular needs of your case, we believe that any case can be won.

Shearman Bowen are dedicated not only to preparing, presenting, and fighting your case – but to exploring all avenues to obtain a positive result. Where cases cannot conclude without Court proceedings, we adapt our skills and expertise to having cases stopped at the earliest opportunity.

Above all, we understand that the most important person in your case is you. Success in a criminal case is about many things: the evidence, the witnesses, the arguments and the law, but ultimately it is about you: the client. In many cases your story needs to be heard and you must be ready to tell it. Our team are ready to guide you through each step.

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