Court proceedings are not a certainty. Many problems end up in court when they could, and should, have been spotted and remedied at an early stage.

If you, or your business, foresee compliance issues arising, Shearman Bowen can deploy our expertise to resolving them quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal impact on your reputation.

Our service is built on many years experience of matters that, if the right advice had been taken, would have been resolved sooner. We can consider developing problems and advise you on the best strategies to deal with the issue. Our aim, wherever possible, is to deal with these challenges before they get out of hand.

The regulatory landscape is always changing, and the pitfalls of non-compliance have never been more serious. A grey-area has developed where civil fraud, regulatory & compliance obligations, and criminal investigation overlap; this area is rapidly increasing in scope and consequence. Our team have been dedicated to challenging the most serious of allegations and can adapt our expertise to rectifying compliance issues before they enter the public domain or the public Courts.

Unfortunately, individuals and businesses can find themselves as victims of crime, or on the wrong side of the law, without even knowing they were at risk. Our tailored service, to fit the needs of your business, ensure you are advised of every risk and any cause for concern. Where issues have arisen, we are adept at handling developing situations quickly, efficiently, and with your business (and reputation) in mind.

Early recognition of issues is crucial, but having expertise in the aftermath adds a further dimension to our approach. You can rest assured that our high-quality service is founded on decades of expertise and we are here when you need us most.

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