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Ben Ticehurst




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Ben joined Shearman Bowen & Co in 2006 and has built up a practice of heavy duty criminal defence work. Ben has defended in cases involving homicide and serious violence, large scale drugs importation, firearms, and sexual offences. He has also defended clients in fraud and confiscation proceedings.

Ben is an accomplished Magistrates’ Court advocate and has experience of representing the mentally ill at Mental Health Review Tribunals

Ben also specialises in extradition work and has extensive experience in representing those facing extradition requests from foreign countries both within Europe outside the EU.

He is a committee member of the Extradition Lawyers Association:

Notable Cases

R v Moore & others, Southwark CC (2013): successfully represented casting director of film management company in £3m film tax credit fraud. Crown say that inflated invoices including ones for the services for Hollywood stars such as Daryl Hannah and Michael Madsen were submitted for a film tax credit. Acquitted after ten-week trial:

telegraph 05.06.13

mail 05.06.13

‘worst film ever’

R v Newstead and Others (2007) Croydon Crown Court: defended “insider” in multi-million pound banking fraud. Successfully negotiated agreed settlement in £2.4m confiscation:

R v Chambers & Heron (2009) Canterbury Crown Court. Defended two defendants including a 76 year old grandmother charged with large-scale cocaine importation:

R v Salah (2008-09) Wood Green Crown Court. defended in North London Conspiracy to cause GBH involving a Somali Gang:

R v James Waithe (2009) Bristol Crown Court: defended ex-judo international involved in multi-million pound cocaine ring:

R v Samuel Quamina (2010) Croydon Crown Court. Successfully defended a man accused of murder and GBH in a high-profile case raising issues as to the boundaries of self-defence for home owners in their own home:


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