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Private Client

We have an excellent track record in defending private clients from all walks of life.

We are conscious of the fact that cuts to the legal aid budget mean that more and more people are being forced to pay for their legal representation in criminal cases. We also recognise that more and more people now choose to pay privately, in the same way as they pay for private health and/or education. We recognise that a criminal conviction is often a life-changing event for many people.

Our extensive experience and our focus on quality of representation means that we can quickly identify the key issues in the case and provide you with realistic (and competitive) costs information at an early stage. We offer a variety of flexible payment options and will endeavour to provide you with a payment plan that fits your budget.

We also have an excellent record of recovering costs for successful defendants. However, as a result of a recent change in the law, there is no longer any guarantee of recovering your costs in full, even if you are acquitted. This is not only a petty piece of legislation but also amounts to a fundamental imbalance in the relationship between the State and the individual. We are happy to fully advise you as to your prospects of a successful application for defence costs, and we are also happy to pursue applications in appropriate cases. Please contact us for further details.